Editing and proofreading

If you are widening your audience beyond borders, it is the right step to scale up your business. Translating your website is imminent, and it is the first step to scale up if you are expanding. Here at WordyHands, we are well set with a team that will handle all your writing, translation, proofreading, and editing requirements. Our award-winning team of English native professional editors and proofreaders will help iron out mistakes. If you have a translated document, you need another set of eyes to highlight and correct mistakes. Many proofreaders may proofread without actually pointing out mistakes or even improving the finished piece as accurately as it should be.WordyHands professionals possess unmatched skills.
Here are some of the reasons why our editors and proofreaders stand out from the crowd:


For accurate proofreading, our translators are required to be knowledgeable both in source and target language. It's a standard we set as a company to ensure quality results are delivered to our clients. We understand a professional translator or writer created your copy, so mistakes might be challenging to spot. Our editors and proofreaders are focused and capable of pointing out even the slightest style inconsistencies. At WordyHands, our professional translators and proofreaders check each other’s work before we submit to you.


Our proofreading and editing team comprises diverse professionals who pay attention to details and are the best in what they do. They maintain a high accuracy level and are eagle-eyed to pick up even the tiniest mistake many average editors and proofreaders overlook.


Choosing the right content writing company can be a daunting task, and what makes it more difficult are the proofreaders and editors who pretend to be well-versed and then end-up providing something hard to look at. We are always happy to provide you with a free sample of finalizedwork up to 500 words to get an idea of our working style and work quality. If you believe that our writers pack everything you need, let us know, and we'll be glad to get you on board.