Data entry

Data entry can be a tedious job to do, but businesses can utilize data entry service providers to update their databases for a fee. WordyHands provides such services at a cost-effective price to businesses worldwide. We have a pool of well-trained data entry professionals with a high word per minute typing speed to ensure your project is turned in on time. Aside from content writing services, WordyHands have diversified to other specialties like data entry, transcription, translation, to name but a few. We are an all-round writing and translation industry leader.


To become the right data entry specialist, one must possess high-speed typing skills and accuracy. Without a good typing skill and high accuracy level, a data entry specialist may deliver untimely and inadequate quality deliverables which might have a negative impact on a business or a startup. Our data entry specialist possesses all the qualities that make the right data entry specialists. Reach out to us today and prove us right, we will take care of all your tedious data entry projects. What sets our data entry specialists apart is their ability to use computer application programs and relevant software to lightning speed up your data entry project.


Our data entry professionals possess exceptional typing skills and a high WPM typing speed. On average, our data entry specialists do eighty words per minute, a quality that many data entry specialists lack. Suppose you want document scanning services or document capture software to make your project faster and cut down the manual typing. OCR can be used on relevant projects to cut down manual typing significantly. We don't trust OCR; every product of OCR is carefully proof red to eliminate conversion errors. If your business requires a high volume of data entry projects, don't waste your vital time or that of your business employees, outsource all your data entry services to WordyHands and focus on growing your business to the next level.


Choosing the right data entry services for your business can be a daunting task. What makes it more difficult is those data entry specialists who promise to have all your data entry requirements done accurately and with quick turnaround time but end up disappointing. We are always happy to provide you with a free sample of data entry services to get an idea of our working style and work quality before you hire us. If you believe that our data entry services pack everything your business needs, let us know, and we'll be glad to get you on board.